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February 17 2011

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February 16 2011

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February 14 2011

February 12 2011

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February 10 2011

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February 08 2011

January 31 2011

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January 23 2011

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January 20 2011

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January 16 2011

When we buy electronic equipment, we usually get it wrapped in a protective bubble-wrap foil. This is a foil with air bubbles that burst when they are squeezed. This squeezing often happens to be more absorbing than the purchased product. The good point of „Nervofol” is that it consists a limited amount of bubbles, which makes the user satisfied quite quickly.

by Bartosz Mucha
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January 02 2011

December 25 2010

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it's a snow man, get it? eh heh heh...
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December 23 2010

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December 20 2010

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December 19 2010

December 17 2010

coś dla mnie :D
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December 12 2010

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